Let's Talk Botox: My Experience
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Let’s Talk Botox

By now we’ve all heard the infamous “B word”….that’s right, Botox. There’s also a good chance we’ve all formed our own opinions on the matter as well. It’s a taboo topic and today I want to tackle it head on by answering some questions I’ve received, explaining my own experience, as well as addressing alternatives […]

Beauty The Mix: Health, Fitness, Beauty

Sensitive Teeth Whitening Success

When it comes to maintaining a bright, white smile, I say “challenge accepted”. Reason being, I’m guilty of consuming all the goods that notably discolor our teeth. Unsightly stains or not, there’s not much that can stand between me and my daily coffee. Not to mention all those “red with warning” things I can’t get […]

faux fur fashion
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Faux Fur Fashion

One of the biggest trends to take this winter by storm has been faux furs. Having “style” costs nothing…but certain must-haves can easily break the bank (think leather leggings, fur coats, python print, etc). Let’s also address the obvious that none of the above are “fur friend friendly”. Now, thanks to a combination of what […]

Real Talk

2018 Takeaways : My Top 5 Lessons

Without question, 2018 has brought more challenge and change than I’ve ever experienced. At its start I knew it was going to be a year full of uncertainty. Something about all the unknowns actually excited me (you can read more on what lead to this all here). I was so comfortable in my routine and […]

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Winter Wellness

More often than not, the change of seasons also brings with it a shift within our own well-being. Over time I’ve found winter to be one of the most challenging times of year for me physically. That’s not to say it doesn’t take a mental toll as well…Be it the limited hours of daylight, the drastic temp […]

how to wear velvet for the holidays
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Velvet Crush

With the holidays now in full swing I keep finding myself reaching for all things velvet. Something about it is just so festive! Not to mention the texture alone makes you feel fancy yet COMFY (a hard combo to come by). Speaking truthfully, this wasn’t always the case. I danced throughout my entire adolescence and […]


Snakeskin Style

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve had a few snakeskin pieces kickin’ around my wardrobe collection for years now. I always teeter on the edge of tossing them out each season…but alas, another version of animal print comes back in FULL force and I’m over here like “wow, I’m so glad I hang on to EVERYTHING” […]

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Black Friday Finds

I’m gonna lead this off by telling you two things: 1. I REFUSE to shop in stores on Black Friday….nope, won’t do it. I’ve been like this my entire life. The thought of having to race another human being (or 70) to snag an item or stand in a line 50 people deep makes me nauseous. […]