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Winter Wellness

More often than not, the change of seasons also brings with it a shift within our own well-being. Over time I’ve found winter to be one of the most challenging times of year for me physically. That’s not to say it doesn’t take a mental toll as well…Be it the limited hours of daylight, the drastic temp […]

how to wear velvet for the holidays
Fashion Style

Velvet Crush

With the holidays now in full swing I keep finding myself reaching for all things velvet. Something about it is just so festive! Not to mention the texture alone makes you feel fancy yet COMFY (a hard combo to come by). Speaking truthfully, this wasn’t always the case. I danced throughout my entire adolescence and […]


Snakeskin Style

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve had a few snakeskin pieces kickin’ around my wardrobe collection for years now. I always teeter on the edge of tossing them out each season…but alas, another version of animal print comes back in FULL force and I’m over here like “wow, I’m so glad I hang on to EVERYTHING” […]

Fashion Home Decor Style

Black Friday Finds

I’m gonna lead this off by telling you two things: 1. I REFUSE to shop in stores on Black Friday….nope, won’t do it. I’ve been like this my entire life. The thought of having to race another human being (or 70) to snag an item or stand in a line 50 people deep makes me nauseous. […]

Fashion Style

The Teddy Trend

One trend you’ve likely noticed popping up recently is the “Teddy Bear Coat”. This fuzzy take on outerwear has that whole “look good, feel good” thing going on, LITERALLY. I can get behind just about any fashion movement that involves cozy, warm textures ….which also likely explains the massive crowd appeal. If feeling and looking […]

breast cancer awareness month - my mom
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Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October, which also means it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately, it feels as if we are ALL too aware of breast cancer affecting far too many out there today. I would bet almost any of you reading this know someone, or maybe are someone, who has fought or continues to fight this horrific […]

sweater weather
Fashion Style

Sweater Weather

There’s no turning back now… sweater weather has officially arrived in New England and I welcome it with open arms! I know that we eventually find ourselves in the middle of what’s more like *3 layers under a sweater + a down coat, scarf, gloves, wool hat, and I’m still freezing* “weather,”but something about the start […]

music motivation - workout playlist
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Fall Feel-Good Tracks

Ask and you shall receive… My first workout music motivation post was a hit so I decided to share another taste of what’s currently packing my playlists, both in and out of the studio. I think we can all agree that anything in life is better with a solid soundtrack, so here’s one for your […]

seasons of change
Real Talk

Open Season

We’ve heard the age old saying time and time again, when one door closes, another one opens. While I wholeheartedly believe this, I want to take a moment today to acknowledge that it’s hardly ever as simple as “on to the next.” There’s often a window of time in-between where we may have no idea where […]